Bertha Residence

Bertha Residence

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We give our highest personal recommendation to Mark Copeland and the team at Court Concepts.

After the completion of our yearlong backyard renovation, we could not be happier with the work that was completed by Mark Copeland and Court Concepts. Their professionalism and attention to detail and consistency in work was remarkable and unlike many previous experiences. Additionally, with a large family and a very custom home, it was important to have a crew that we trusted to be around.

Court Concepts provided the best value and quality available. I personally did a great deal of research to understand all the intricate parts that were involved with the design, grading and construction methods. I tested Mark and found him to be an expert and to have had experience in every area of concern. Court Concepts was not the least expensive bid, but I am convinced that it was the most correct and the best real value. There was a level of quality that I would not descend to and Mark had only the highest standards in mind at every step of the process. He is the best in the San Diego/Orange County area!

Because we were delighted with the work that was going on, I made many changes and Court Concepts informed me of what the adjusted costs were; in fact Mark discovered some way to save expenses on the original bid and passed the savings on to us and we promptly added more to the project. It was an enjoyable process and we use our court and backyard on a daily basis.

Exemplar of Mark’s devotion to quality was at the end when the project looked good to us, Mark reworked a large section of wall at considerable expense to him, just to make it right. He is a perfectionist and it shows in his work.

I have referred him to my friends and will continue to recommend his work. The highest compliment we could give him was to invite him to the inaugural backyard bash and have him witness hundreds of people enjoying his work. Our highest recommendation and our thanks go to Mark Copeland and Court Concepts.

Albert and Sandy

Bertha Residence Encinitas, CA